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Achieving Balanced Well-Being

A proven, powerful mindset program to help you optimize your performance and create balance & intentionality in your life.

What do you want in your business and your life?

Success. Happiness. Making a difference. Thriving. 

There’s a good chance that what you really want in life is “well-being” (which is absolutely not a fluffy term) , and it’s 100% achievable. 

In both our personal and professional lives, our well-being is created by our ability to perform strongly through establishing alignment to vision and goals, managing change effectively, increasing our engagement and creativity, and strengthening relationships to succeed from within.

Where do we find these tools, these keys to mastering persistence and resiliency?  Actually, we already have them. They just need to be discovered, uncovered, and allowed to flourish.

Introducing the Achieving Balanced Well-Being™ program

An 8-week mindset training program delivered via online modules and facilitated discussion groups.

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Build resilience


Accelerate results


Better handle stress & anxiety


Set and achieve bigger & more powerful goals


Break through barriers limiting your potential


Maximize your positive impact on the world


Lead others more effectively

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What is Achieving Balanced Well-Being™?

The Achieving Balanced Well-Being™ program is a proven, powerful mindset program to help you optimize your performance and create balance & intentionality in your life.

Developed by The Pacific Institute and facilitated by business impact coach Sarah M Cain, this 8-week program is a dynamic combination of self-directed online learning and a thought-provoking virtual discussion group, limited to twelve participants.

Think of it as a mastermind group or book club, but with videos instead of books and an experienced coach facilitating your discussion to make it as impactful as possible.


Online Modules

A 14-unit online course that applies The Pacific Institute’s mindsetting curriculum to the well-being PERMA model for flourishing. The PERMA (positive emotion, engagement, positive relationships, meaning, accomplishment) model was identified and researched by Dr. Martin Seligman, a leading authority in the field of positive psychology.

Practical Activities

Online modules include downloadable reflection questions, exercises, and practical activities you can use to apply concepts to your life and business.

Discussion Group

Eight 90-minute, coach-facilitated group discussion sessions to anchor your learning and help you more effectively apply the concepts to your own life.


Next Program Begins:

January 2023


Tuesdays 6-7:30CT / 7-8:30ET

January 10-March 7

Program Investment – $499

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How it Works

Online Modules

Each week, watch the assigned online course videos and complete course-related activities before the group discussion session. 

Expect to spend somewhere between 30-60 minutes per week on the pre-work, but it’s easily broken up into 10-15 minute segments to fit into your schedule.

Group sessions

 During the 90-minute virtual group sessions, we’ll discuss top takeaways and “ahas” from the online modules, insights from the activities you completed, and what actions you want to commit to taking to apply the concepts in your life.

Your group meets weekly for eight weeks.


concept application

After each group session, take what you learned and apply it to your business and personal life, then watch incredible things start happening!

After the initial program completion, coaching and study group options are available to help you continue your momentum.

All meaningful and lasting change starts first on the inside, then works its way out.

Lou Tice, co-founder of The Pacific Institute


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