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1-on-1 Coaching

Tailored coaching and consulting for purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

Looking for some guidance as you use business as a force for good in the world?

I work with business owners and changemakers who share my vision for making our economy more equitable, environmentally sustainable, and socially responsible. My clients are not satisfied with the world as it is today — because while we’ve made progress, there’s much more work to do.  They measure success using a “quadruple bottom line” — performance as it relates to people, the planet, their purpose, and profit. 

At the end of the day, you are the “expert” in your business  — I’m the guide that will ask the right questions, help you untangle your thoughts, share insights and wisdom, and help you expand your impact while maintaining balance in your life. 

Sound like what you’re looking for? Awesome. 

You have an impact to make. Let's get started.

Like any business coach, I help entrepreneurs with things like:

  • Creating and clarifying a powerful vision
  • Mindset and personal effectiveness
  • Setting meaningful goals
  • Evaluating strategic opportunities
  • Business strategy and planning
  • Intentional growth
  • Becoming a better leader
  • Building a strong team
  • Accountability

Unlike other business coaches, I do it with the lens of stakeholder capitalism and using your business as a force for good in the world.

(Plus, I’m awesome at turning ideas and concepts into concrete items and actionable plans. Seriously, one of my unique gifts.)

Strategy Session

The virtual strategy session is designed for purpose-driven leaders and changemakers who are fed up with business-as-usual, are working on a big goal to change things (launching a new business, transforming their business strategy, implementing a quadruple bottom line, building a solid foundation for growth, etc), and would like to develop a clear action plan for the next 12 months.

You’ll start with a ‘pre-work’ assignment, identifying your top goals and outcomes you’d like from the session.  I’ll review your pre-work and other supporting information to understand your business and your goals.  Then, we’ll work together in a virtual session (about 2 ½ hours) to develop a specific plan of action to make sh*t happen in the next year.  

We’ll uncover what’s most important to you and work on a vision that has you ready to jump out of bed in the morning. I’ll share insights and ideas from my experience working with leaders like yourself so that you leave the session with clarity about what you need to do and when.  When we’re done, you’ll be fired up and ready to change the world.


Fee: $1,000

Momentum Coaching Program

The Momentum Coaching Program is for purpose-driven leaders and changemakers who are ready to put their plans to make sh*t happen into action.

The program includes two primary components:

1 –  Initial strategy session

During the initial strategy session, we’ll develop a focused 12-month action plan for you based on your goals, with a specific focus on the action items we’ll be working on during our 3-month engagement. (See Strategy Session section for details.)  Previous clients have focused their 3-month intensive coaching engagements around topics such as launching a new business, creating a new, more accessible service offering, transforming their business strategy, and improving a specific area of their quadruple bottom line.

2 – Implementation coaching

After your initial strategy session,  we’ll meet virtually about every two weeks for three months (six sessions) for a scheduled hour-long call. You’ll have action items coming out of each call, and will be held accountable for your progress in achieving the milestones we lay out. On each call, we’ll debrief, discuss questions or issues that have arisen, and refine your action plan to guide you toward success.

    The goal is to create momentum and make meaningful progress in a short period of time.  After our initial work together, if it’s a fit, we may mutually decide to extend our engagement into an ongoing coaching engagement.


    Fee: $5,000

    Ongoing Coaching

    After the Momentum Coaching engagement, we may choose to continue our work together to help you bring your vision to life. In an ongoing coaching engagement, I will act as your strategic thought partner, provide guidance and perspective, and where appropriate, share tactical advice and resources. Our work together may include: 

    • Business and personal goal-setting 
    • Creation of a strategic plan for business growth and sustainability 
    • Evaluation of plan progress 
    • Navigation of strategic opportunities and operational challenges 
    • Enhancement of operational processes and efficiencies 
    • Implementation of sustainable and conscious business practices 
    • Guidance through B-Corp certification

    Fee depends on engagement, including frequency of coaching calls and other services.

    Custom Coaching and Consulting

    Looking for more custom solution to help you launch a new business, become a more conscious leader, or bring another idea to life? A custom coaching and consulting engagement may be a good option for you.  I’ve helped clients with things like:

    • Designing a new client onboarding experience, including slide decks, process documentation, and video scripts
    • Navigating the B-Corp certification process
    • Creating online courses and membership programs
    • Building a leadership development program
    • Launching a new regulated business entity 

    Pricing depends on what you need help with, so please connect and we can chat about what you’re looking for. 



    Working with Sarah the first six months of venturing into my own business has been a Godsend! In some ways these six months have been more successful than my wildest dreams. For example, part of my preparation to speak at a national conference included a full hour of her helping me battle intense imposter syndrome! As an intense idea generator, I often came to Sarah to ask for help clarifying priorities. Sarah’s faith in me and the change I’m trying to make in the world has been a gift. 

    ― Diana Y.

    What is coaching?

    At its core, coaching gives you CLARITY — the kind of clarity that lights a fire in your soul and gives you the excitement and strength to move mountains. 

      • Clarity about how to take that amazing idea you have and make it a reality.
      • Clarity about what is keeping you and your business from achieving your full potential.
      • Clarity about your big picture vision and mission.
      • Clarity about your goals and why they’re important to you.
      • Clarity about the steps you need to take and strategies you’re going to use to achieve your vision and goals.
      • Clarity about how you’re going to address the inevitable challenges you’ll encounter along the way.

    As your coach, I help you find clarity by acting as your thought partner, helping you stay accountable to what is most important to you, and providing tactical insight and advice. 

    My one-on-one coaching could be right for you if you’re looking to:

      • Get a clear and actionable plan to bring your ideas to life
      • Clarify or expand your vision so you’re fired up and excited every day
      • Leverage the power of business to make a greater impact in the world
      • Evaluate strategies and opportunities that inevitably come with business success
      • Establish personal boundaries that allow for maximum positive impact
      • Lead your team more effectively in times of change
      • Transform your business from “business as usual” to “business as a force for good”

    Leadership Coaching

    Business Launch Planning

    Business Coaching

    B-Corp Consulting

    How it Works

    Scheduled Sessions

    To ensure consistency and progress, we hold scheduled coaching sessions via phone or Zoom either weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly, depending on your goals and availability to put what we talk about into action. I also offer limited support between scheduled calls via email and quick phone calls.

    Tools and Resources

    As a client, you’ll have access to my library of tools, templates and resources — everything from marketing worksheets to B-Corp certification checklists to sample policies and procedures.  You’ll also receive my monthly curated list of articles, videos, podcasts, and more.


    I invite select clients to mastermind groups with like-minded business owners to share ideas, inspire each other, and discuss relevant and timely topics for positively changing the world through the power of business.



    Genius is in the idea. Impact, however, comes from action.

    ― Simon Sinek

    Equity Pricing

    BeneForza offers a standard discount of 20% to individual clients or companies that are greater than 50% owned by or led by a Founder/CEO who is a member of the following groups: Black, indigenous, people of color, or LGBTQ+. 

    Is BeneForza a good fit for you?

    The magic only happens when the client and the coach *click* -- so if you like what you’re reading and want to learn more, let’s chat. We can discuss what you’re looking for and which engagement option would be best for your business and your situation.