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Idea Clarification Tool

Untangle that Great Idea

Have an idea — for a new impact business, product, service, division, project — but need help untangling the thoughts in your head, or just not sure what to do next?

The Idea Clarification Tool helps you gain clarity on that great idea with the potential to change the world (or at least part of it!). The tool walks you through a proven process to look at the idea from different angles, think through how to maximize your positive impact on each stakeholder group, take stock of your existing resources, and come up with clear next steps to move that idea forward. It covers things like:

  • The size of the problem or opportunity your idea addresses
  • How to maximize the positive impact on a variety of stakeholders
  • What skills, resources, and tools you have to help you be successful
  • Who you need to reach out to for feedback and partnerships
  • What it will cost to bring your idea to life
  • Next steps to help you move your idea forward

The world needs great ideas to solve the big challenges we’re facing, so don’t let your idea fade away! Complete the form on this page and we’ll send the download your way.


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