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How does coaching work?

Whether you have an idea for a new purpose-driven business or own an existing business you’re ready to take to the next level, BeneForza can help make your vision a reality.

How do we work together?

Custom Coaching & Consulting

The custom option meets you where you’re at and helps you achieve the outcome you’re looking for. We might work on strategic initiatives in your business, focus on your leadership skills, or work towards B Corp certification. Custom coaching and consulting is one-on-one and we work on your timetable.

Structured coaching programs

These programs lead you through a proven process to reach a defined outcome.  For each of the structured coaching programs, I offer a group coaching option, where you work through the program on a predefined timetable, and a one-on-one coaching option, where we can start at any time and work through the program on your timetable. The two structured programs are:

Vision to Reality
A program to help you get clarity, evaluate your business idea, and build a solid action plan for making it reality.

Achieving Balanced Well-Being
A mindset program to help you define what’s important to you, build resilience, reduce stress and anxiety, and set bigger and more powerful goals.


This is for those who are READY (I mean really ready) to make big things happen and want the power of a launch partner.  In this engagement, I work alongside you using my Vision to Reality framework to help you create and execute your business plan. The availability for these engagements is extremely limited.

Which best describes you?

I have an idea for a business that will make a positive impact on the world, but I’m feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start.

Awesome! I’d recommend the Vision to Reality program.  Depending on your available financial resources and the timeframe you’re looking at, you could sign up for the group program, 1:1 coaching, or the manifestation option.

I have an idea for a purpose-driven business and I’ve made a lot of progress in bringing it to life, but I’m stuck and I need help.

No problem.  Coaching is excellent for helping people get “unstuck.” I’d still recommend the Vision to Reality process, but since you’ve likely already covered a good amount of ground, your best bet is to choose 1:1 coaching or manifestation.

I have an established business and I want to improve its positive impact on the world, make sure I keep the good vibes going, and/or bring a new vision to life.

YES!!! I love this and can’t wait to work with your good vibes.  I’d recommend custom 1:1 coaching so we can be more tailored and flexible in our approach.

I have an established business that’s making a positive impact in the world, but I need some help bringing balance into my life so that I can thrive too!

I hear you! You should sign up for the Achieving Balanced Well-Being program — choose the group option if you like learning from others and can work with a set schedule or choose 1:1 coaching if you prefer to work individually and aren’t able to make the set schedule work.

Whoo-hoo! Let’s make that vision of yours a reality.

Is BeneForza a good fit for you?

The magic only happens when the client and the coach *click* -- so if you like what you’re reading and want to learn more, let’s chat. We can discuss what you’re looking for and which engagement option would be best for your business and your situation.

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