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Screenshot of Idea Clarification Tool

Idea Clarification Tool

Have an idea — for a new impact business, product, service, division, project — but need help untangling the thoughts in your head, or just not sure what to do next?

The Idea Clarification Tool helps you gain clarity on that great idea with the potential to change the world (or at least part of it!). The tool walks you through a proven process to look at the idea from different angles, think through how to maximize your positive impact on each stakeholder group, take stock of your existing resources, and come up with clear next steps to move that idea forward.

Screenshot of B Impact Assessment Goal Setting Worksheet

B Impact Assessment Balanced Goal Setting Worksheet

After you’ve completed the B Impact Assessment from B Lab, it’s important to build improvements into your goal setting and strategy process. The B Impact Assessment Balanced Goal Setting Worksheet helps you set short, intermediate, and long term goals in six key areas: Governance, Workers, Customers, Community, Environment, and Financial (because “no margin, no mission!”)

Screenshot of Impact Project Planning Tool.

Impact Project Planning Tool

Now that you’ve set balanced goals in every area of your business, it’s time to turn those goals into actionable plans.

The Impact Project Planning Tool helps you outline the key project areas that lead to making things happen: Success Measures, Resources Needed, Action Plan, and Parties Responsible.  Many firms use project management systems to further build out their project plans, but this high-level outline is a great place to start.